Wedding Party

Lauren Giuffra

Matron of Honor

The sister of the bride, Lauren and her husband Greg willingly allowed Marcy to bring along her new beau to help babysit their son, Michael, when in town for a wedding — a month into dating. Fortunately, Jameson was his charming, wonderful self and Lauren (fortunately) gave him the ultimate thumbs up of sister approval. With her encouragement, Marcy knew she had a safe bet with her new beau, and the rest is history. Now Marcy and Jameson love playing auntie and uncle to Michael and Madeline and spending time with their parents. ;) Lauren and Marcy have worn every possible matching outfit combination growing up, drove the same Volvo sedan in high school (guess who had more accidents?), and eat more Firecracker Rolls at Sushi Den than is usually thought possible.

Justis Bosco

Best Man

The brother of the groom, Justis not only exudes the suave confidence associated with the Bosco name, but ultimately is one of the sweetest men (giant, yes) walking God's green earth. Knowing the groom for 26 years now, he can safely say that he has known the groom the longest and that, yes, the groom was always "that cool."

Gina Anderson


Gina and Marcy met in kindergarten, yet neither remembers exactly how they met: For as long as Gina and Marcy can remember, the other has just always been there. The two have survived braces, puberty, childhood bullies, unfortunate haircuts, cheerleading, college parties, and in more recent years, a move to New York City. The two have managed to conquer the Big Apple together, one more glamorously than the other: Gina lives in Gramercy and travels the world for a living (and makes it look easy), while Marcy lives in Astoria and sits at a desk writing.

Matthew Celentano


They started off as bitter enemies. Fueled by a mutual hatred and the fact that their summer camp realistically had no one left their age, they began to form a bond that has now lasted the trials of time. Many trips to Valley Stream ensued and the boys found themselves going through multiple phases: the gangsta phase, the Jersey shore blowout phase, the "I can't feel my back after I just bent over phase" (the phase they currently reside). Something like a brother to the groom, he is truly a Best Friend.

Janay Bird


Janay and Marcy also had the good fortune of meeting in early childhood, with identical glasses, all too similar haircuts, and a love for singing. Despite only seeing each other two days a week for a few short hours. Janay and Marcy's friendship grew through passed notes, mix CDs, shared crushes, and tours through the country in the Colorado Children's Chorale. They stayed in touch through high school (Marcy even tried to once color her hair with a highlighter to match her cool friend), and grew closer when they discovered they were both going to the University of Colorado at Boulder. They also survived rushing their sorority, theme parties, living together as roommates (shoutout to the rest of 302), international travel, and that time Marcy nearly set their kitchen on fire.

Lorenzo Arguello


Lorenzo gets points for being what is considered a "hybrid" groomsmen as he is both very good friends with the bride and groom. Unfortunately, this does not entitle him to two plates at the reception. A encyclopedia of sports knowledge, he is a man of particular tastes. He's always quick to support his boy Justin Bieber and extol on the many virtues of the Chic-fil-a chicken sandwich and true New York pizza. He is also one of the most caring people going and a wonderful person to be around.

Michael and Madeline Giuffra

Nephew and Niece, Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

We mean, have you seen these two?
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